Saturday, 10 October 2015


Japan has premiered, what’s touted as the first of it’s kind but does remind me of those retro-futuristic demonstrations of the push-button home of the past, an automated system that will dispense with the onerous human chore of doing the laundry—from sorting, washing and drying, folding and putting it away.

That’s pretty keen, I think, and might allow one more avenues to redirect one’s laziness and aversion—or more hopefully, not detract from more creative pursuits. Focusing on housekeeping, however, does seem to quiet the mind and let the imagination gain purchase, wishing one were done with turning wet socks outside-in. Still, I suppose I much favour the dishy-washy over doing them by hand (or beating my dirty clothes on rocks down on the river)—I only wonder when we invite the laundroid into our homes, what other time-saving helpers are to follow that might have more input on how we use those extra hours of leisure. What do you think? I suppose household chores are destined to become more and more convenient and involve less manual labour and time.