Friday, 3 July 2015

manifest destiny

Though the timing and the title of columnist Dylan Matthews’ piece for Vox, ‘Three Reasons Why the American Revolution was a Mistake,’ is perhaps a little overboard and ire-drawing—surely begging commentary that begs whether one actual read the article, it is something that’s worth the read and reflection.

Albeit that the world would be a very different and not necessarily better place if many uprisings and coups d’ร‰tat, Putsch, pronunciamientos and other peaceful, textured and dyed revolutions had or had not transpired and we can never know, but it is not misguiding to suspect that the universal abolition of slavery might have been a quicker and more peaceful matter had the colonies not seceded—and despite national myth-building, this was very much a motive. The native population too might have received better treatment. The above would be more than reason enough and thirdly, the received politics also goes without saying, that the framework of democracy where no one is de facto illegitimate leads to loggerheads and partisanship. What sort of alternate history can you imagine?