Wednesday, 1 July 2015

eine milliarde dollar

As Germany pauses to recognise sixty years since its ascension into the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, the country’s ministry of defence is pledging to take on a more active role.

Acknowledging that security requires investment, although Germany insofar as being a reliable dues-paying member, protecting national interests could never be called a moocher, Germany will raise its pooled contribution to a billion euro annually, a round two percent of its gross-national output. It’s nothing to slouch at—the sum—of course, and it’s a matter of debate whether NATO remains divisive in a constructive way, but it does seem like a small ransom to bolster native industry, relatively. German maintains a separate, standing peace with the Bundeswehr as do most other coalition members, but such a budgeted outlay (notwithstanding collateral, hidden costs) makes me think of Doctor Evil from Austin Powers initially under-bidding his demands, embarrassingly, and only later to set a price more commiserate with the world after learning of the exponential inflation that had transpired. I suppose that such a commitment, no matter how it’s parsed, would play the same to the German public.