Sunday, 7 June 2015

sunday drive: stangenpyramide oder strawberry fields forever

As promised, I took a little detour to try to find for a second time the monument called the Stangen- pyramide (the pillar or rod pyramid) outside of Dreieich that marks the vista of the Frankfurt am Main skyline from the foothills of the Taunus. It turns out that the site was well-known at the outer edge of a golf course and I had just had bad directions and was being quite well patronised this fine day because of a stand nearby selling strawberries where one could pick them himself.
This symmetrical gradient of four hundred fifty-six columns on the high ground in the middle of the fields but with forested lands visible in the distance beyond the cultivation (the manicured golf-course included) is meant to make people reflect on that forest of skyscrapers ahead and the tangle of antennas and RADAR station that is a satellite installation the airport behind. Although my pictures didn’t do it justice (the towers of the metropolis just visible there above the tree-line), walking down the path that separates the two mirror-hemispheres does offer a pretty spectacular view from this promontory.