Tuesday, 2 June 2015

stillgelegt oder little black rain cloud

I learnt from a friend that over the weekend, and with much contention culminating in celebration, that the atomic reactor near my former place of work was brought off-line (Bericht nur auf Deutsch) as part of sweeping energy-reforms in Germany.

I called the distant but highly visible installation our Cloud-Maker with a bit of assuaging dark-humour to make it seem a little less looming and threatening. The cooling towers did in fact figure prominently in the skyline of the town but I am not certain that this poster for a fun-run was composed with the same spirit (it looks more like wide spread panic). I understand that there are plans to convert the moth-balled unit into a museum that documents the potential risks associated with atomic power and underscore the alternatives, but as the world’s demands for power have grown quite insatiable, I am not sure what to think. I wonder if a schedule of other shut-downs has already been released and whether they are proceeding as planned. What do you think? Maintaining the lifestyle that one’s accustomed to of course has its costs, just like with the possible environmental and commercial trade-offs associated with dismantling present infrastructure.