Sunday, 14 June 2015

shelter-in-place oder white-flight

While captialising on the fears of rich, white people is a legitimate business model and a fool and his money are soon—nay eventually, since there’s so much of it, the reports that luxurious doomsday bunkers are being outfitted somewhere in the hinterland of Germany for a select number of high-paying clients to ride out a nuclear holocaust seems a bit over the top. Fortunately, we have not had the occasion to test the effectiveness and security of such entombment under realistic conditions, but it seems no matter the material wealth at one’s command, surviving an event that brings the rest of the world to rack and ruin bivouacked with those who tipped off the downfall in the first place (and are now the self-appointed rebuilders of civilisation) is a very appealing notion. Such money is better spent on an ark in space before we get to the point of burying our heads in the sand.
The articles never say where this secret compound, built in the corridors already hollowed out by the state apparatus of the East German government at the height of the Cold War (which surely has keys to the rear-entrance) and I suppose that location cannot be maintained undisclosed, especially when the Apocalypse is nigh and the peasants come clawing at the door with the torches and pitchforks that ought have appeared much earlier, and while there are several candidate sites, my money’s on a place called Prenden (a part of the community of Wandlitz in the state of Brandenburg—the cavernous bunker here being sufficiently unassuming and isolated, expect that it’s conveniently close to the construction site of the much delayed Berlin-Brandenburg international airport (BBF).