Wednesday, 6 May 2015

suburbia or go to bed old man

With the exception of our feisty Pope and a few others only paraded-out on special occasions with due pomp, I find myself groaning at the appearance of news anchors and their avatars, those manipulative boorish cosmopolitan figures that are the subjects of their reporting who seem more and more shameless about their intent to run us all into the ground.
 Lately, I find it an off-putting challenge to organise my thoughts around anything contemporary without feeling weary and a bit vain over it. The tragedy of the eleventh arrondissement of Paris over a caricature, the near-miss in Oberursel, a suburb of Frankfurt, when police laudably foiled a potential terror-attack, and the latest shooting in a satellite of Dallas, I think however, triangulate tensions with a peculiar and rending precision. The demographic milieux, attitudes and relations could not be more different, contesting a mind-set shared among the perpetrators.
The decision of Garland, Texas to host a draw the Prophet competition is a tacky and misguided memorial at best, which ostensibly provoked retaliation (never justifiable), but looking more closely into the sponsors and the community suggest something far darker and more devious than the tactless message of unwelcome. Fighting the droning fatigue of these daily petitions of terrorism is something to take to task as well.