Saturday, 7 March 2015

ashram or the hartford-group

A happy commune of people living together, pooling their time and resources to care for one another, in a big mansion in Connecticut are being threatened with eviction by over-zealous zoning ordinances that prevent such arrangements from becoming cemented.

Friends not related by blood or bond cannot cohabitate—though a household may have an unlimited amount of live-in domestics on hand. I remember that a similar thing happened to the Golden Girls when the neighbourhood board declared that Blanche could not have roommates. She solved their dilemma by making the others co-owners, which I suppose wouldn’t work for the constellation above but neither should they have to stoop to the fiction of indentured servitude to one another for the sake of compliance. What do you think? Homeowners’ Associations (HOAs) in the States and beyond already impose enough extra onerous regulations, it seems. Do such regulations against alternate, extended families have a place in municipal code any more?