Thursday, 5 February 2015

redirected from berenstein

Via Reddit, an older speculative post on a blog called the Wood between Worlds by the self-described world’s worst scientist puts forward such a profoundly baffling psychological blind-spot that the imaginative explanation—that we are in our own parallel universe, seems pretty plausible.

Like the cognitive dissonance that occurs when the seating arrangement of the Last Supper (with Mary Magdalen next to Jesus) is pointed out or a revisionist Orwellian memory hole, the Berenstein Bears—and I distinctly remember the book covers and the stories that my Mom read to me, though I knew nothing about an animated syndicate in the mid-80s or relaunch—is and always was Berenstain. Either we’re all remembering it incorrectly, like some famously misquoted line from a movie that no one bothers to correct, or there’s an element of time travel or dimensional engineering involved. One ought to read the whole post through, and I am glad it’s of the right vintage to have garnered a lot of responses, to be rewarded with a comment from the son of the authors with an explanation about the spelling of the family name. Can you think of other examples were something false was so broadly ingrained? I hope the Scientist is continuing his intrepid research.