Sunday, 4 January 2015

false-flag or the real mcguffin

Even though it seemed that a disguntled former-employee of the entertainment concern was behind the hack attack against the movie studio’s estate and not factions of cowboys Juche sponsored by an obliviously angry and belligerent government of the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea, the US has decided to impose the already political-isolate with more punishing sanctions.

Even though North Korea’s involvement of prizing into a gossip column of a Japanese company was not cleanly exonerated and the general conduct of the nation is pretty inexcusable, this resolution, though typical, strikes me as suspicious. Either—and this a real possibility, there is either more at stake behind these cyber-skirmishes that’s being held back, or—which the whole business is starting to absolutely reek of—this is a carelessly crafted plan to tame the Chinese dragon, a creature conjured up by Western conspiracy and appetite in the first place, indirectly by winning over its perceived partners that it cannot influence in other ways. It is not exactly like earlier shameful episodes where the world’s will was drawn together with fabricated stories about weapons of mass destruction ready to be released in Iraq, in this Hack-attacky II, there’s no time to bother with such theatre, since I am sure that there are already test-audiences that panned it. First, however, destabilising Syria, Kiev, next making a pariah out of Russia, then making friends with Cuba, it does seem like the next step in their minds would be to drive a wedge between regional partners.