Monday, 10 November 2014

sandboxed or pen and ink

I am sure that all good zoo-keepers strive to make a stimulating environment for their inmates and charges and not just for the gawking throngs of visitors, but I think this initiative by an aquarium in Brighton-by-the-Sea, courtesy of Nag on the Lake, has to be a pretty unique example of outreach.

Appreciating the intelligence, visual-acuity and dexterity of its resident octopi, care-takers have installed a series of still-lives, an ensemble of objects to be rearranged and composed so the cephalopods can make their own artistic state- ments—even if it is in human-terms. That is a big improvement over sunken castles and shipwrecks and ambiance. What do you think? Do your pets—even your silently circling ones, have an unexpressed talent—for the lack of the right medium?