Friday, 20 September 2013

playable character or level-boss

Learning about the passing away of visionary and creative genius Hiroshi Yamauchi who took the Japanese traditional board- and card-game company Nintendo under his leadership for more than fifty years, producing a multitude of arcade games and then gaming consoles for home use, I was reminded about this poster of spiraling constellations that chart all the games produced during the company's most prolific period from Pop Chart Labs.
 With such a memorable cast of characters, studying the accompanying manuals, legends and bestiaries were almost as engrossing as playing the games itself. Almost. While its competitors sought to deliver flashier graphics and greater computing power, Nintendo endured by remaining true to family of avatars—many the inventions of designer Shigeru Miyamoto, another pioneer Yamauchi encouraged, like Zelda and the Brothers Mario, that frankly made the others look like road-kill, and challenging environments, with innovative interfaces from the gun for Duck Hunt, R.O.B. the little robot challenger, a microphone in the Japanese version that could be used to shout down certain enemies, the power glove, to the Wii controllers, which pulled players into the game, more than any degree of realism could hope to. Thanks for all the endless hours and entertainment, Mr. Yamauchi, and know that your legacy lives on.