Monday, 16 September 2013

biometrics or cutting off your nose to spite your face

Not long ago, a group of hacktivistas requisitioned the fingerprints of a high ranking German minister from a water glass in order to illustrate inherent flaws in the personal security prescription that the minister was championing.
The lifted prints were circulated and used in this experiment for impersonation, showing that any element of biometric data released into the wilds (that's why it proves useful for police in forensics) is prone for use and abuse and not such an advisable method for locking and unlocking personal troves. Of course, passwords not generally circulated are prone to other methods, but owning that false-sense of security is an expensive proposition. For the interim, I can envision people doffing and donning their shoes and socks for verification-purposes. There are of course methods to suppress ne'er-do-wells but I wonder with thieves wearing charm necklaces of trophy thumbs and toes if the sort of safety that is being sold to us is possible.