Sunday, 28 July 2013

rain dance

While I am not certain if historic records were broken all over Germany this weekend as predicted, it was certainly more than hot enough. 

The weather was absolutely oppressive during the past weeks and humid by turns (but probably not enough to illicit much sympathy from readers used to such temperatures), punctuated with brief spells of dramatic but taunting storms. Pink heat lightening was on the horizon many mornings and few drips of rain came down, not as if due to the migration of weather from elsewhere but rather as a consequence, it seemed, of some physical imbalance locally as if Sol Invictus had managed to ring and wither every last drop of moisture out of the land and was obliged to give back a little. Now there's signs that some relief is coming, and while I hope that summer is not called in the coming weeks due to rain, that sort of weather was becoming unbearable, especially for those not on holiday.