Wednesday, 8 May 2013

pfandtastic oder the slaughterhouse five

I took a stroll by the old Schlachthof (abattoir) in the open lands behind the train station, which has been repurposed as a pretty vibrant Culture Centre. I noticed that the trash bins in the surrounding park and outdoor stage were fitted with these thoughtful cup holders—thinking that some Good Samaritan decided that people ought to have a stable place to rest their drinks, the Centre being a busy venue for a lot of performers, while at a concert.

Walking back, however, I realised that they only weren’t for the benefit of partygoers mulling about, but rather receptacles for putting glass and plastic bottles that have a deposit value (Pfand) for donation. People that supplement their livelihoods by scavenging for cast-away bottles (usually worth 25 euro cents apiece) do not need to dig through the rubbish.