Wednesday, 30 January 2013

lexical or i will not buy this record, it is scratched

One of my favourite passages from the helpful and earnest 1884 Portuguese authors’ phrase book “English as she is Spoke” is on Trades, which presents the career possibilities of “starch-maker, porter, barber, Chinaman, coffeeman, Founder, Porkshop keeper, gravedigger, Cartwright, Tradesman, Tinker (a brasier), Stockingmender, Nailer, and Lochmaker.” Another is a bestiary of quadruped’s including Lamb, Roebuck, Ass, Dragon, Shi Ass, wild sow, Ass-colt, Lioness, Ram (Aries) and Dormouse. Of course, there’s small talk, like For to wish the good-morning—How does your father do? He is very well. I am very delight of it. Were is it? I shall come back soon, I was no came to know that to know how you are. Willingly good by.