Friday, 6 January 2012

something in the water or it's the plumber, i've come to fix your sink

I am continuing to use plain soap when I brusha-brusha and I am pleased with the results, although I think rehabilitating my teeth, bad habits notwithstanding, have hit a plateau.

Reviewing the literature, I guess the second most important practice for unconventional tooth care is avoidance of fluorinated, treated water. Being outside the States and Russia, the two major areas that manage their plumbing as such, I thought I was safe. A few weeks ago, however, I noticed a curious installation at the Family Housing Area, the American Army Ghetto, called "Chlor-Station," which incidentally was heavily fortified against tampering. I wondered about this feature and the water towers but never was bold enough to ask, for fear of looking like a kook. Just recently, the Public Affairs Office, to assuage the tremolo-fears of American families newly arrived in country, put out a press-release that detailed how, ja, German tap-water is safe to drink (especially delicate goldfish, like Schrödinger's goldfish, test the waters at purification facilities around the country) and how the Army's engineers strive to make the water taste better, according to American standards, by adding chlorine and fluoride. This is done for the entire military community and not just for those apartment buildings where the soldiers live. Taste better?
I was a bit horrified with what was on-tap, thinking about the office coffee being made with conspiratorial water or all the regular trips to the water-fountain for a sip. Now I have resolved to bring in bottles of tap water from home for everything, including the plants. I do not know if I ascribe to all the supposed plots behind why drinking water is treated, but the claims that it makes for stronger and healthier smiles have been proven untrue. Maybe they put fluoride in the water to gird their population against the effects of radiation poisoning, with an on-going nod to the Cold War--or maybe fluoride has keep dentists in business all these years, but it is just as likely these additives are an opiate for an obedient workforce.