Sunday, 10 April 2011

memory alpha

Though I am sure that the competition has already seen its victors, this work by John Martz, Trexels, which catalogues (coming down in eight-bit harmony--click on the poster to see the full Space Invaders effect) many of the memorable characters from all the different Star Trek series, it is still fun to peruse the collection and remember the Horta, tribbles, all the doomed red shirt ensigns, Klingon poetry, Cold War space opera, Romulans, Borg Picard, the Q-Continuum, Guinan, Wesley Crusher, the Wild West of Deep Space 9, or when Mister Data was obsessed with Sherlock Holmes and when Lieutenant Broccoli had holo-diction.
Can you name them all?  It is sort of like looking back at the bestiary of creatures and enemies from Legend of Zelda, and a very nice tribute to the classics and classic story-telling.