Saturday, 15 January 2011

free agent or blonde ambition tour

Special effects artists are able to do amazing and pretty imaginative things, though computer-generated animation still fails to live up to sets and scale models, but there are ambitious plans to digitally resurrect actors and actresses to ensure cinematic continuity.  The executor of the estate of Marilyn Monroe is in negotiations to license her likeness, not just for movie royalties and icon's image on merchandise, but her potential screen-presence for future movies when the technology is perfected.  Contemporary stars may be appearing along side or in competing auditions with such immortals, first as post-production edits, holograms, Marilyn-Monroe-Bots, zombies, clones and gholas.  It is far different than continuing one's career quietly, meditatively as a brain in a vat.  Living actors could further just start calling it in--lending their likeness and let animators do the work, like with promotions and celebrity fragrances.
The potential for strangeness is a bit overwhelming, with legal wranglings, discrimination against the real and the living, piracy and copyrights, and the digital screen-actors' guild.  Instead, I rather enjoy the ideas behind these brilliant movie posters from alternate realities from Sean Hartter.   What fantasy casts would you bring together?