Friday, 5 November 2010

trojan horse

Results of the investigations were not completely clear and I was under the false impression that a gun powder black ink-jet was the latest cachet noir in concealing terror paraphernalia, but earlier in the week, it was disclosed that the suspected couple of mad bombers from Greece hid their postal bombs in hollowed out charity brochures. This technique, and fortunately falling just short of their targets and without causing serious harm, delivered explosives to the doorsteps of embassies, chancellors and presidents and blockaded all Greek commercial shipping for a few days. Using some innocuous religious books as disguises was a work of diabolical genius, wily like Odysseus: no one would look twice at a load of Watch Tower magazines or Hare Krishna pamphlets. I am sure that spy or terror networks of all ilk make scatter-shot announcements through equally bland and insipid spam and junk mail, and no one would give it a second glance, and hiding in plain sight like the purloined letter and unlike numbers stations or other more lively red herrings.