Thursday, 18 November 2010

#blurmany or good fences

Though it is difficult to determine how long this will last and how it should be judged, the hive--the swarm has digitally captured great metropolitan swaths, presumably of the willing exhibitionists only, of Germany, inviting a virtual tour, a stakeout of neighbourhoods and destinations. I cannot say if the whole operation should be expanded or quite puzzle out the exact nature of the resistance, however, I would probably opt out myself if given a choice. Vicarious visits are never as exciting or insightful as the real thing, especially for those for whom it is possible (which is why I do not see a rush for neighbours and stalkers spying on one another and being generally nosy) and images are a strange time-stamped slice of street life, but of course, it is nice and novel at first, and by turns a little frightening and repulsing, and a good resource to see the environs of one's real estate or hotel accommodations. The enterprise has gotten untenable in Europe, with too many legal challenges, redactions and pixilations to sustain, and it seems better to err on the side of restraint or allow individuals to fill in the blanks of this mosaics, rather than institutionally force unwanted and untried attention on the public.