Tuesday, 5 October 2010

threat level polka dot or how i learned to stop worrying and love the bomb

The nebulous warnings that defy further coming into focus and unwilling to bear much scrutiny--like quantum jihadists, though apparently their strength is known, have already had enough mileage through fear- and hate-mongering without a boost in incredulity from a connection that spans the whole of Eurasia and anchors militants firmly in German lands.  Although stoic about these latest developments and implications, European leadership has adopted an appropriate attitude regarding these threats.  Just weeks after US minds labeled their own unsustainable debt and porous fiscal policy a serious threat to national security, however, it seems curiouser and curiouser that these warnings can emerge fully-fledged after months of intelligence work after the US announced that it would flood its coffers with a trillion dollars.  While no nation particularly wants a strong currency presently, since it would harm exports, undoing diligence could certainly help mediate deflationary shocks and maintain a modicum of confidence in American markets and the evanescent dollar.