Wednesday, 6 October 2010


This past week has seen quite a haul of treasures.  Both of our parents were on holiday and brought a bottle of original, fabled Goldwasser from Danzig (Gdansk)--note Secretary Kitty in the background, and then another original rarity from Prague, a bottle of Czech wormwood Absinthe.   Goldwasser probably, influenced by the efforts of alchemists, originated with goldsmith's using alcoholic solutions for the delicate business of gilding and wormworn was held to be a natural tonic since the ancient Egyptians, though its dangerous and crazy-making reputation was probably unwarrented.
Over the weekend, we wandered for hours through Bamberg's historic center and found a few unusual bargains, though the antique flea market's prices, by the concentration of merchants and shoppers alone, were about three times too high. 
Among a few other finds, H spotted this very retro, Rhythm transitor alarm clock, and then little silver oil lamp, which I thought looked like the most elegant and sweetest little incendiary device, marked "Triple Deposit" with a simple triskelion and then "Mappin & Webb / Prince's Plate / London & Sheffield."