Friday, 16 April 2010

fire and ice

Prior to the sensational photographs and breaking developments that are disrupting air-travel worldwide from the volcanic eruption in Iceland, the people of the small country were already in the mood for exodus and evacuation but for far different reasons: families no longer felt that the nation's economy was viable or could afford them a decent standard of living after the IceSave scandal and currency devaluation that is collateral damage of the Global Economic Downturn.  Billions divided out by small population puts a undue burden on each citizens, that many are betting that Iceland will never be able to recover from.  Hundreds are making arrangements to emigrate to more prosperous Nordic neighbors before they become tethered to unsellable homesteads.  The former government's poor stewardship of the treasury led to a big shake-up, which included the popular election of the first lesbian prime minister and massive reforms.  Decisions, however, like to repay the UK for its speculation in Icelandic markets, have been costly.  As an expatriate, I can understand compulsion and Wanderlust, but I hope they don't abandon their homeland over entries on a ledger.  I am sure the volcanic ash spewing into the skies does not make the situation look any less grim, nor the blame and headlines tossed about that's currying more negative attention.  However, I found this really boss van art/movie poster/torch-song version of the Icelandic saga while working on this post.