Monday, 19 April 2010


On Sunday, H and I took a trip north to the foothills of the Harz in Thuringia to see the Kyffhaeuser national monument, a really impressive and imposing affair, the little surrounding villages and a recreation of a middle ages settlement of Emperor Otto II, and the immense cave that is Emperor Barbarossa's hiding place where he waits to return--athough I called him Barbossa (the captain from Pirates of the Carribbean which would surely incur some teutonic wrath).   
Baudolinois a 2000 novel by the masterful Umberto Eco that retells the story of Barbarossa's adventures to Constantinople and Terra Incognito as narrated by an accomplished liar--seeing the sites and our tour guide on our spelunking trip made me think of the tall tales.  Please stay tuned to our little travel Blog for more of the story.