Thursday, 3 February 2011

1001 words or tiny url

It was my mother who first turned me towards Twitter for breaking news and developments during the media blackouts in Egypt during this crisis of state.
Not really having tried it before--though I do not really foresee myself doing the Twitter--I dismissed it too soon as short attention-span theatre, an obnoxious venue for spouting off unfinished ideas, but I see the message and the medium really can be something outstanding.  Reading the stream of quick updates limned a full picture and one felt immersed in the experience, the scene, like a bat in the night twirling through a field of impressions made up of sonar.
Echo-location certainly seems to leave up more to the imagination than available, substantiated footage and facts.  In a contradictory move, journalists are rounded up but the floodgates of the internet are  gradually restored, but I find that I am rather endeared to having my news as unfiltered, telegraphic dispatches.  Succinct and unvetted, spinning in an array of blurbs become whole galleries together.  These avatars are from the brilliant and prolific Ape Lad, who always has something new to offer.