Friday, 8 January 2016


Not to dwell on the negative, especially as it was my resolution to be better at detecting my own biases and be less susceptible to outside ones (nor would it be fun to have Groundhog Day fall on New Year’s Eve—as it would get to be pretty torturous quickly as a time time-loop or even as a theme-restaurant), I am given to understand that a few Silvester venues, close to refugee shelters and within shelters in general, were moved—New Year’s was not cancelled anywhere in Germany exactly as some outlets are reporting, because of fears that the celebratory fireworks might incite incidents of post-traumatic stress disorder in populations having just fled war-zones.
I don’t know what to think about this either—but it kind of strikes me as the logic used during the witch-trials: if she floats, she must be guilty of witchcraft but if she sinks and drowns she’s innocent and now in God’s bosom. It seems like a strange sort of assessment that fortunately never materialised—that legitimate emigrants would find the pyrotechnics to be pure psychological torment and those along for the ride maybe not so much. “Build a bridge out of her.” There are talks of toning down the drunken Faschings parades but I am unsure about the veracity of that, too. One ought not pin resolutions on the easiest goals but I am unsure if I can sustain these challenges.