Saturday, 6 February 2021

classic of changes

Via friend of the blog par excellence Nag on the Lake, we are shown some snow oracles that artists and flรขneuse Jan Baracz began noticing on the storm grates around New York City as the warmth and gas seeped through to form patterns. I’ve found myself also transfixed by the same uniformity or unevenness on display during these periods of respite and thaw between the flurries but had not made the leap from melting redaction to actual divinatory hexagrams like those encountered in the I Ching. I’ll need to consult the sidewalk for a reading next time I walk through town.  For instance, the one in the bottom right corner (though there's only five lines) would be ๅค, kลซn or Field, and signifies the receptive, acquiesing Earth.