Sunday, 21 June 2020


With the rather spectacular collapse in negotiations and the US unilaterally threatening to suspend talks moderated by the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development, the EU and the UK—despite, perhaps because of being put in the disadvantaging position of working out a trade deal with America in anticipation of the day when it is outside the European single market, are vowing to enact a regime of digital service taxes levied on the internet titans of industry and aggregation (see previously), infamously remanding little to the polities that enrich them.
Though Brussels would like to implement the regimen with the input of the US-based companies that dominate the data, demographics and social media market in order to avoid unwelcome countermeasures, Washington choose to suspend the discussion, characterising the talks as at an unhelpful impasse and are trying to intimidate the EU into backing down with more retaliatory tariffs and sanctions and possibly the next flashpoint in a sustained and inopportune trade war.