Tuesday, 7 February 2017

possible, probably and preferable

The always engaging BLDGBlog introduces us to rogue librarian Megan Prelinger—co-founder of the eponymous independent media archive—and author of book that explores how the space race was narrated and to an extent sold by the vintage advertising and promotional materials of รฆrospace contractors and computer companies to the same degree our aspirations and trepidations were captured by science-fiction. What do you think? Industrial futurists would naturally offer a vision where they were equipped to meet demand but I think it also speaks volumes about contemporary scientific literacy and curiosity.
The steampunk airship depicted in this 1960s back-cover magazine ad by Erik Nitsche is an homage to how the company got its start in a New Jersey shipyard as an electric boat corporation, purveyors of submarines and torpedoes, infamous already at the beginning of the twentieth century for selling armaments to opposing navies at war. Be sure to explore Geoff Manaugh’s blog at the link up top for more architectural conjecture, urban speculation and landscapes of the future.