Friday 10 September 2021

aubert d’avranches

Venerated on this day, the sainted bishop of the diocese of Coutances is credited with the construction of Mont Saint-Michel, in its earliest form a humble oratory, a spot reserved for assembly and prayer, after being visited by the archangel in a vision who instructed Aubert to establish a shrine on the rocky tidal island in the basin that divided Normandy and Brittany. Reportedly, Aubert was hesitant to act, doubting the veracity of the message or whether it might be a demonic missive, and had to be poked in the head to start the task, after being reminded for the third time. The dedication ceremony took place in 709.  The place were the angel had touched him left a hole in his skull. It is believed that the cranium kept as relic in the basilica of Saint Gervais is more ancient (Aubert was said to be buried at Mont Saint-Michel) and forensically shows evidence of a trepanation procedure.