Tuesday, 16 March 2021

your daily demon: andromalius

Our final spirit in the calendar of demonology is the seventy-second infernal earl that presents as a man bearing a great serpent. When called upon by the exorcist, Andromalius enlists his thirty-six legions to bring back any thief and his plunder and generally mete out punishment for dishonest brokers and revealing hidden treasure. Classed as a Watcher, Andromalius spies on enemy activity and reports directly to Azazel and is countered by the angel Mumiah. The cycle of the Magical Calendar—in long form as the fifteenth century wall-chart suitable for framing printed by Freiherr Johann Baptist GroรŸschedl ab Aicha in Frankfurt and laying claim to two astrological, astronomical charts by Tycho Brahe, a pharmacopia and the various sigils and signs iste Magnum Grimorium sive Calendarium Naturale Magicum Perpetuum Profundissimam Rerum Secretissimarum Cotemplationem Totiusque Philosophiรฆ Cognitionem Complectens—continues.