Thursday, 28 May 2020

studio ghibli

Realising that I’m guilty of usually lazily punting away the pronunciation of something until compelled to say it out loud and was surprised to hear that the above entertainment company properly said with a j-sound as /dʒɪbli/ rather than with a hard g-sound as /gɪbli/—see also, and found its origin and etymon, that is—the true and literal sense—and sound of a word according to its derivation.
Suggesting that they would take the industry by storm—in homage to the success of its founding animated production Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind in 1984, the executives chose the Italian word Ghibli, the name for the desert sirocco that blows in from North Africa—itself rooted in the Arabic qibliyy, قِبْلِيّ, with a hard g. Incidentally the Germanic equivalent term is Föhn—from the Latin Favõnius (favoured), the Roman god of the West Wind, used to describe an arid, katabatic wind, and colloquially also the word for a blow-drier (Haartrockner).