Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands recently announced that she would be abdicating this Spring, in favour of her son and successor.
Unfortunately, there are no such plans for Prince Charles of the United Kingdom. I do really admire Elizabeth II and certainly would not be eager to see her relinquish the throne, I do also sympathize with the prince, who’s got one of the most awkward posts in the world, as heir-apparent, since a promotion is only possible should someone pass away, as Charles himself has conceded many times. The celebratory mood in the Netherlands did not fail to permeate into Wiesbaden, which has an intimate connection with the royal family that I failed to register until this occasion. The line of Nassau hails from here, specifically with the palace in Biebrich as their primary residence. Vestiges of these connections abound, great and small, in endowments, architecture and institutions throughout the city (especially in the way they differentiate their portion of the national public banking system), with storied histories that defy the overlooking and wonder, but still sometimes it takes an out-of-the-ordinary event (and special guests) to excite heritage and legacy.