Wednesday, 12 January 2011

klaxon or a bird that swims, a fish that sings

Arriving home from work, I found stuffed in our mailbox along with other advertising circulars and the local weeklies, a paper from the Rathaus of Bad Karma issuing a flood-warning to all residents.  Persistant rains and melting snow posed a risk for rising waters.  I proceeded to do as the paper advised and trundled a few items I thought were prone to damage, though no one wants to find a soggy and dank basement, out of the cellar and raised the rest, a few boxes of forgotten miscellany on stools and chairs.  One thing I grabbed were posters rolled in tubes.  Though not presently displayed in our house, I know one was of this concert poster from the Blow Monkeys, during their 1987 European tour.  One many not think that they know the band, but in fact nearly everyone does as they performed a few of the cover songs in the movie soundtrack of Dirty Dancing.  Advisements like this are something definitely to make one anxious, though I strongly suspect we will be fine, but it is a terrible thought to entertain, that the strata of random things that one does not see everyday might be ruined.  I hope everyone is faring well and weathering the neep tide, hale and healthy and with their basement-collections intact.