Tuesday, 13 July 2021

the glass realm

https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1ojmmwS83FgEUS4b467BSnb6OqBveoKjjContinuing through the heavily wooded, sparsely peopled royal charter called Sweden’s Gladriket—Emmaboda and surrounding forges like the internationally renowned Kosta Boda, the host village renamed for the successful glasbruk commissioned by the king of two entrepreneurs Anders Koskull and Georg Bogislaus Staรซl von Holstein to promote the manufacture of practical glass products (Ko + Sta being a portmanteau of the two founders’ names). https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1nSgPulIgfREvKzdwKTyHniTHz1hvosfo https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1ZnskWl0BFA3YHGz8sguWZdjSekQbr-_HAlong the way, we stopped at a studio and boutique set up in a former glashutte, workshop with the grounds and outbuildings decorated with enchanting art glass objects. https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1dpntaIRqc3HvWc7BePKJltTThC57Ei5I A bit further on, we visited a nature enclosure for moose (Alces alces, ร„lg, Elch) and learned quite a lot about their behaviour and habitat and got to encounter them quite up close, which is not something we’d like experiencing on the motorway, though it would be rather majestic to find one at the campsite.