Tuesday, 3 September 2019

la célèbre maison

Hiking along the seashore from Plougrescant (Plougouskant) on a trail that wound around Porz Hir (the undertaking a bit more ambitious than we expected, and we drove the last part of the stretch later) past la Point du Château—a tall outcropping with the silhouette of a manor house—we came to le Gouffre, the tip of the peninsula with a pretty rugged and wild landscape reminiscent of Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote, made even more famous with its house wedged between two giant boulders. 
Castel Meur, also known as La Maison du Gouffre, was built in 1861, defiantly with its back towards the unforgiving sea and seeking a measure of shelter from the native terrain, has been maintained by the descendants of the original builder who currently reside their and whose privacy (along with their neighbours) ought to be honoured and the cottage admired from a respectable distance.
An earlier incident for the granddaughter of the first occupant that involved some rather invasive tourists put up boundaries for all of us. As much virtue there is in deviating from the prescribed, there are certain norms to be upheld, especially for visitors and guests.