Monday, 29 March 2010

eastertide or turkish delight

Spring recess for German school is this week leading up to Easter and many families are taking this break to embark on the year's first vacation.  It's relatively slow and quiet right now, due to this exodus--short of like the lemming health care professionals' escape en masse during the month of August.  Mind you don't get sick then. 
But we have had nebulous plans to have our next trip a bit later in the month, and for quite some time, though the agenda has not been fully articulated.  Who would want to take a break, unless compelled, when things are not so hectic and one can expect a lot of company?  I am excited and I fully expect the planning phase to come together very soon.  We have booked at least the essentials of passage to Istanbul, and have just been overwhelmed with history, ancient and modern, and have been studying to be a little better prepared for the next adventure.